cosmetic/make-up brush,Kumano-brush:CHIKUHODO


Founder : Kazuo Takemori

Founded in Showa 27(1952). Kazuo Takemori as founders

Takemori Kazuo (born in 1895) begin traditional craft, neck of spike of fine-point brush as home industry in Kumano, famous as the brush of the village.

*"Fine-point brush" is developed as drawing face of Japanese puppet, especially drawing detail line & flowing like a line.

2nd Generation : Tesshu Takemori

Showa 30's (1955 to 1965)

Leading cosmetics manufacturers in Japan begins to introduce brushing cosmetic treatment.
Utilizing fine-point brush from well-experience of brush making, he has developed the foundation of the original in cosmetic brush making, requested prodducing a makeup brush.

Showa 46 (1971)

Established Chikuhodo co.,ltd,
Tesshu Takemori as CEO

Showa 47 (1972)

Constructed new HQ building
Mass production of cosmetic brush has been started.

Late Showa 50 (1975-1985)

Mass production business of cosmetic brush has been moved to S.Korea because of low cost production.
Those original unique technique by Tesshu, which utilize Inherited experiences brings new era and shows as "Inquiring mind of Manufacturing".
It has been recognized in the industry, as best quality, and the company focus only for high-class cosmetic brush.

Heisei (1990-)

Chikuhodo brand name and its unique technique has been famous in the group of famous make-up artist, and got good reputation from overseas cosmetic companies.

Heisei 8 (1996)

The factory has been expanded, 1,000m2 in addtion.

3rd Generation : Shin Takemori

Heisei 9 (1997)

Shin Takemori succeeded as CEO, after Tesshu Takmori as Chairman who focus for developing new craftsman and new creation.

Heisei 13 (2001)

Exporting high-class original make-up brush has been started.

Heisei 15 (2003)

Kanebo has sold “Tesshu” collection globally.

Heisei 15 (August 2003)

Start of online sales.

Heisei 18 (2006)

Expansion of factories with the growth of the Company's brand and OEM.

Heisei 21 (2009)

Launch of the NOEL COLLECTION Project for limited-edition products for Christmas.

Heisei 22 (2010)

Development of makeup brushes lacquered in the Yamanaka style of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Heisei 25 (2013)

Start of direct transactions with high-end cosmetic brands from NY.

Heisei 26 (2014)

Significant expansion of exports through partnerships with overseas agencies.

Heisei 29 (February 2017)

Introduced Transboundary EC.

Heisei 30 (October 2018)

Released world’s first “Silver Fox Powder Brush” made of natural hair.

Reiwa 1 (September 2019)

Released the FO Series, the world’s first brushes made from natural silver fox hair.