cosmetic/make-up brush,Kumano-brush:CHIKUHODO

How to use for cosmetic brushes


Pick up some powder with the brush and apply it all the face.Use the other side of brush to go brought into close contact with the entire face, like describing circle on face, and it shall make the base mild and shiny more.

One Point Advice

Pick up some powder on the edges of face, and it shall make the foundation more fit on the skin and increases resistance.


Pick up some high light powder, apply the brush, moving in one direction, from the below of eyes to outwards could cover dull skin. If apply the brush on T-zone could have a sculpting effect.

One Point Advice

According to the below picture ,you shall sweep over on the face if you want shading.


Apply the brush from cheekbones towards your ears. Brush it radially to fit skin for adapting smoothly to tha skin.

One Point Advice

if you want to make the texture in vivid color, please use the brush to stand vertically. Oppositely, when to make it in mild color, the brush shall be used in the horizontal.



Apply primer color on the mobile eyelid. Use your flat brush to pat this color from middle of the eye to bottom of eyebrow. Put the accent color for a nature-shading.

One Point Advice

Use some highlight below the eyebrow could have a sculpting effect.


Pick up some brow powder with the brush and apply in on eye brow gently after adjusting color. Put it from eye brow arch, avoiding to become darker, for a natural complexion.

One Point Advice

The head of eyebrow :
On the extending line of the inner corner of eyes(or at most 1cm).
The bottom of eyebrow :
To the extension of nose and farthest corner of your eye.
The highest part of eyebrow :
At about the 2/3 position of your eyebrow.




Map out the edges to create a map for your lip line and apply lipstick onto the lips. Its lip brush improves the adhesion and creates good color development. Put some lip gloss to add color and shine.

One Point Advice

Use dark color when apply on outline of lip; use light color when apply on the center of lip, for having a plump and sculpting effect.