OEM by Chikuhodo

OEM by Chikuhodo

The most important point is "Experience(Reputation)"
which has strong background of making customers high level requirement for development skill,
technique and production quality, when to provide OEM of cosmetic brush.

The best “experience” in Japan

Chikuhodo has supported many cosmetic company as OEM, especially in producing high-class make-up brush.
It shall be the best example for your company.

High-level development skill and unique techniques

Chikuhodo has co-worked with many make-up artist and product designer, and it leads to improve & level-up our skill and technique.

Reliable production qualtiy

Chikuhodo can work with any kinds of customer or client who may have different type of requirement for quality and quantity. We are welcome for any kinds of your order.

How to work for OEM

Reasonable production quantity would be starting from 500pcs, as minimum, since less quantity would increase production cost if we produce head of brush, capa clasp and wood shaft, although we accept starting from 100pcs.
Each cosmetic product has each suitable types of brush, depending on quality of hair, shape, quantity of hair, length and shape of head. We are welcome to discuss in detail about how to product the best product for you.
*Remarks : It takes 2 months after placing order as usual.